The Native Islanders


With a formal education in communication arts as well as a passion for the creative, Melissa has built a career in the areas of marketing, public relations and management.

Melissa's professional life and personal interests have led her to her most recent work among the vines of North Fork Wine Country, where growth and inspiration never cease. A fiery motivation, an ever-present talent in the area of writing, and a total obsession with food and wine are all elements leading to the beginnings of Creative Island.


Melissa is also a published author of the dramatic romance novel, Harvest Road, set in Long Island Wine Country. 

​"Expect the unexpected from me. I have a constant idea reel that I need to share. My purpose in starting Creative Island is to utilize my skills and contribute to the overall success of a business that I can connect with, and bring to the next level."


A graduate of St. Joseph's College, Bryan possesses a special interest and skill in the area of graphic arts. His vast experience ranges from logo design to website creation and management.

Bryan is the CEO of Finch clothing brand. Bryan will join Creative Island Consulting as needed to assist in the areas of his expertise.  

​"I don't see boundaries when it comes to business. I do what I enjoy each day. When you view your opportunities as limitless, the possibilities are endless."